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Glass Repairs, Replacements, and Installations

The cost of total glass and mirror replacement can be prohibitive and can often be foregone in favor of many types of glass and mirror repair options.

Mirror cracks and mirror chips can often be repaired with epoxy, quick cured with a portable UV lamp, and you are back in business, sometimes in less than an hour.

You might also consider a trimming repair of a square or rectangular mirror, and remounting it in a new frame.

           Call us to discuss your many affordable glass and mirror repair options!
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In Our Shop

Sometimes it may be convenient for you, our customer, to bring your cracked mirror, or broken mirror, into our shop for a quick assessment, and a quicker repair. In and out can sometimes take less than 45 minutes.

We have the equipment, the expertise, the materials and the friendly attitude that all contribute to our huge respect for your time.

Contact us today to discuss the quick and efficient fix that may be available to you!
man on a lift to repair large broken window on the side of a tall office building

At Your Home or Business

Our professional workmen at K & W Glass Inc are mobile. Following your call to us, we usually can send an expert -- with tools and materials to fix many common problems right on the spot -- to your home or business in a matter of hours.

Often the mirror or glass repair can be made by our Wisconsin Rapids trained glass and mirror craftsmen within an hour or two, or a repair appointment be made for a time convenient for you and your busy schedule.

                Call 715-423-5450 and have us show you how today! Don't delay!
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